Chinese & Japanese Mythology

Chinese Creation Myth

First only Ying & Yang existed. Ying & Yang created a giat egg that hatched after 18,000 years. What hatched from the egg was the giant Pangu.Whit his axe (who knows how he got it) he split the egg in half.

The light parts of the egg floted up & created the sky while the heavy parts stayed on the ground and created the earth. The earth & sky were stuck together so Pangu held them apart. This task took 18,000 years; with each day the sky grew ten feet (3 meters) higher, the earth ten feet wider, and Pangu ten feet taller. In some versions of the story, Pangu is helped in this task by the four most important beasts, the Turtle, the Qilin, the Phoenix, and the Dragon. When the earth & the sky were well distanced and the danger of them joining again was gone Pangu lay down & died. His hair became the trees, his right eye the moon & his left one the sun, his breath the wind & clouds, his blood the rivers, his tears the sea, his voice thunder, his beard the stars, his brain the mountains, his bones the valuable minerals & diamonds, his sweat rain, his fleas the animals & his heart turned into the goddess Nu gua.

Japanese Creation Myth

At the beginning there was a shapeless chaos. From there 7 generations of Kami (gods) arose:
Kuni-no-toko-tachi-no-kami & Toyo-kumo-no-no-kami, U-hiji-ni & Su-hiji-ni, Tsunu-guhi &  Iku-guhi,
Ō-to-no-ji & Ō-to-no-be, Omo-daru & Aya-kashiko-ne & finally Izanagi & Izanami.
Izanagi with his spear dipped it in the ocean and when he lifted it the drops thet fell turned into the archipielago of Japan. He & his wife Izanami married & had all of the Kami for kids. Sadly, his wife died burnt giving birth to the fire Kami. Izanagi, heartbroken went to Yomi (the underworld) to bring her back. He found her & wanted to bring her back. She agreed with the condition that he would not look at her until they got outside. But Izanagi could not resist the curiosity and when he loked back he saw her infernal state. Her skin was decayed and her eyes bloodshot, her teeth roten & her hair uncombed. She was so ashamed that she run back to Yomi. Izanagi purified himself fron that trip by bathing in a river. From his right eye Amaterasu, the sun goddess was born, From his left eye, Tsukoyomi the moon god, and from his nose Susano'o-No-Mikoto (Susano) the god of the sea & war.

Chinese Creation Myth

Nu gua was a goddess from waist up a beautiful lady and from waist down a dragon. She was alone so she created Fu xi. Her husband.It was him who wrote about the I Ching.  One day she was walking around & she came apon the Yellow River. So (nobody knows why) she decided to create mankind. With the mud that was at the bottom of the river she started molding them. At first she created them with her own hand but she became tired. So with a rope she dipped it inside and the drops that went falling went turning into people. The ones she made by hand became nobles and the others became commoners. The emperor was suposed descendant from Nu gua and Fu xi. But the adventures of  Nu gua do not end here.

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